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GCSE Results 2016



Best Ever GCSE Outcomes for Parrs Wood

We are extremely pleased to report record-breaking GCSE outcomes for our 2015/16 year 11 cohort. Following consistently good outcomes in previous years, 72% of our year 11s achieved at least 5 A*-C including English and Maths which is exceptional considering the ongoing changes to syllabuses, assessments and grade thresholds.

Schools locally and nationally are once more coming to terms with unannounced increased grade thresholds, particularly in mathematics, and it is often the most vulnerable students who are most adversely affected by these changes which makes year on year improvements in outcomes even more challenging for schools to achieve.

At Parrs Wood, we understand that a successful education is very much built upon a shared responsibility, ownership and accountability and I would like to take this opportunity to thank our students, staff, parents and governors who have worked collaboratively to ensure that we set high standards and expectations for our students to flourish academically and socially.

We wish our students health, happiness and every success on their onward learning pathway.


Student Key Successes – 31 Highest Attaining Students (achieving at least 10 A*/A GCSE passes).
Emily Hoyle 12A*, Sam Devine 12A*, Mary Rajeswaran 11A* 1A, Eilidh Shaw 10A* 2A, Ameer Naeem 8A* 4A, Ali Ahmed 8A* 3A, David Todd 8A* 3A, Charlotte Sylvester 8A* 2A, Lili Raheem 7A* 5A, Andrew Stevenson 7A* 5A, Rudransh Sharma 6A* 4A, Macy Tedstone 6A* 4A, Rowan Thomas 6A* 4A, Olivia Clermont 5A* 7A, Luke Annis 5A* 6A, Daniel Grant 5A* 6A, Jacob Meyer 5A* 6A, Ellie Hargreaves 5A* 5A, Neha Ghelani 4A* 7A, Amal Naqvi 4A* 7A, Nudrat Ansari 4A* 6A, Mohamad Kraiz 4A* 6A, Michelle Fan 3A* 8A, Syeda Afrin 3A* 7A, Laurence Di Mauro 3A* 7A, Zara Haq 3A* 7A, Seiful Islam 2A* 8A, Adam Khan 2A* 8A, Kitty Cooke 1A* 10A, Nicole Lai 1A* 9A, Nafisah Khatun 1A* 9A.


Summer 2016 Year 11 GCSE Results

Performance Measure

Results Summer 2016

5 A*-C (inc E&M)


Attainment 8


Progress 8




At least English and Maths A*-C


English 3+ levels progress


English 4+ levels progress


Maths 3+ levels progress


Maths 4+ levels progress



* Please note: Attainment 8 and Progress 8 can only be estimated at this point (this has been done at this time by ‘SISRA Analytics’ utilising last year’s overall GCSE results nationally). When all results are collated nationally for 2016 then an actual figure for each can be provided.

A-level Results 2016


Another set of fantastic A-level outcomes for Parrs Wood Sixth Form students!

We are again extremely proud of the A-level performance of Parrs Wood students. Our truly diverse cohort has again produced excellent outcomes, with significant increases at all grade thresholds, ensuring that our students have achieved what they need to access a wide variety of university courses and apprenticeships at prestigious institutions.
Considering we have a traditionally academic curriculum at Parrs Wood, to achieve almost 28% of grades at A*/A and 51% at A*/B is a fantastic achievement.
The success of our students has been the result of their commitment to their studies, excellent teaching, the opportunity to develop their leadership and outstanding future pathways guidance.
We wish all of them health, happiness and every success on their onward learning journey. – Andrew Shakos.


A-level Individual Performance (A-level Performance)
16 students achieved at least 3 A*/A grades.


4 A*/A
Sharin Singh 3 A* and 1A – Mathematics A*, Biology A*, Chemistry A* and Extended Project A. (Neuroscience at Nottingham University)

Chloe Young 1 A* and 3 A – Mathematics A*, Biology A, Chemistry A and Extended Project A. (Mathematics at Manchester University)

Claire Young 4 A – Mathematics A, Biology A, Chemistry A and Extended Project. (Biotechnology at York University)


3 A*/A
Anna Shahid 3 A* - Mathematics A*, Biology A* and Chemistry A*. (Medicine at Manchester University)

Henry Pickersgill 3 A* - Mathematics A*, Physics A* and Chemistry A*. (Oxbridge Application 2017)

Chris Shortt 2 A* and 1A – Mathematics A*, Psychology A* and Ancient History A. (Mathematics at Edinburgh)

Mahin Chowdhury 2 A* and 1A – Biology A*, Chemistry A* and Mathematics A. (Medicine at Liverpool University)

Michaela Leeming 2A* and 1A – Sociology A*, Psychology A* and English Language A.

Vicky Smyth 2A* and 1A – Biology A*, Geography A* and Chemistry A. (Geography at Cambridge University)

Dora Marks 1A* and 2A – Spanish A*, English Literature A and Art A. (Foundation Art at Manchester Metropolitan University)

Chen Rajeswaran 1 A* and 2A – Mathematics A*, Biology A and Chemistry A. (Medicine at Manchester University)

Matthew Gorman 1A* and 2A – Mathematics A*, Physics A and Psychology A.

Olivia Bates 1A* and 2A – Sociology A*, English Literature A and Psychology A. (Criminology at Manchester University)

Stephanie Burrell 1A* and 2A – Spanish A*, German A and History A.

Hmza Saadeh 3A – Business D1 (2As) and ICT Distinction * (1A)

Ozan Selvi 3A - Business D1 (2As) and ICT Distinction * (1A)


Again, the range of subjects, e.g. Criminology, Dance, Pharmacy, Maths, History & Politics, Mechanical Engineering, Global Health & Social medicine, Biotechnology and Medicine, at high profile universities such as Oxbridge, Kings College London, Edinburgh, Nottingham, York and University of East Anglia reflects our ability to meet the extensive range of our students’ aspirations.

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